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Micromeritics ASAP 2060


ASAP® 2060 Surface Area and Micropore Measurements

With more installed instruments in more countries to more users, the ASAP family of products has proven to be the instruments of choice worldwide for research-grade surface area and porosity analytical results. The newest member  of the family, the ASAP 2060, now adds an extremely cost-effective option to our ASAP line of instruments.

The Micromeritics®  ASAP 2060 provides highly reliable surface area and micropore data in a single-port, small- footprint platform. This system is designed with an emphasis on affordability and return on investment for you, the user, without compromising the performance or data quality you expect from our family of ASAP products.

Dedicated Micropore and Low-Surface-Area Measurements

The ASAP 2060 is equipped with both 10-mmHg and 0.1-mmHg, high- resolution transducers to permit krypton (low surface area) and micropore measurements, respectively. Increase throughput with the addition of up to three additional units on a shared turbo pumping station, without adding the additional cost of multiple dedicated vacuum systems.

Pressure Measurement:
0 to 950 mmHg
Up to 1 x 10-7  torr (0.1  mmHg  transducer)
System Capacity:
Single Port, up to four individual instruments can share a single turbo vacuum system
Cryogen System:
3 L, > 80 hr. dewar
Electrical Requirements:
150A max, 50/60Hz, 100240V
Width: 36.5 cm
Depth: 58.5 cm
Height: 93.0 cm



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