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Particulate Systems

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation recently announced it will begin marketing an auxiliary selection of OEM laboratory instruments to complement its line of particle characterization products. These products will be sold under the umbrella brand, Particulate Systems, in order to unite them under a single identity.

PID Microactivity Reactor

The PID-Particulate Systems Microreactor, also known as the Microactivity-Reference, is an advanced modular laboratory system for measuring the activity and selectivity of catalysts.


Supercritical Extraction

PID Eng&Tech has 4 plant models for SCF with volume extractors between 350cc and 2L in capacity. They operate at a maximum pressure of 380 bar, CO2 flowsup to 5 l/h, and using two separators with independent control temperature and pressure contrl. More than 15 units are currently in operation.


Glasification Pilot Plant

Automated and computerized laboratory-pilot plant for the study of gasification process

Due to the renewed interest on innovative ways to convert the existing fuel reserves with improved technologies like gasification,


CSTRPP Pilot Plant

Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor

This “Owner Configured” Computerized and automatic pilot plant is based on a CSTR (from 100cc up to 4L and many different alternatives) and the operation is supported by many optional devices as MFC´s, pumps, pre-heaters, separators, pressure control systems.


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