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Pegasus® 4D GCxGC-TOFMS

Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography with Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometer

GCxGC, combined with the Pegasus HT TOFMS, changes the dynamic when analyzing complex samples. No longer limited to two analytical dimensions, the Pegasus 4D GCxGC-TOFMS system provides you with four dimensions of analytical resolution for a more complete sample analysis. With LECO GCxGC, you are able to detect hundreds-to-thousands more compounds than previously seen using conventional one dimensional GC.

Powerful, easy-to-use Windows®-based ChromaTOF® software simplifies component identification—providing a significant increase in efficiency and productivity.

Watch Dr. Frank Dorman of Penn State University discuss why the Pegasus 4D GCxGC-TOFMS is his lab’s preferred instrument for environmental forensics in his 2014 ASMS presentation Analysis of Drilling and Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Used in Gas Wells with Two-Dimensional GC-TOFMS.


  • Integrated control of all GC, modulator, TOFMS, and autosampler system components
  • Comprehensive quantitative analysis of target analytes
  • Qualitative analysis with Automated Peak Find and True Signal Deconvolution® algorithms


Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography

The dual stage-quadjet modulator and secondary oven are mounted inside the primary GC oven. Control of the autosampler, GC, LECO's GCxGC Thermal Modulator, and the Pegasus TOFMS is fully integrated within a single computer using LECO's ChromaTOF software. Dual Stage Modulator

ChromaTOF® Software

Developed exclusively by its own team of software engineers, LECO’s ChromaTOF software is uniquely designed to meet the needs of today’s laboratory professionals in the food/flavor/fragrance, metabolomics, environmental, and petrochemical industries. ChromaTOF employs advanced True Signal Deconvolution® and Automated Peak Find algorithms, Compare and Classification functions, and a host of other easy-to-use features to extract and process the necessary data that is obtained through the use.

Pegasus 4D



  • Pegasus 4D with LN2 Cooled Thermal Modulator
  • Pegasus 4D with Consumable-Free Modulator


  • Sample preparation & automation equipment from LEAP Technologies
  • Sample preparation & automation equipment from Gerstel
  • Columns from Restek
  • Direct Inlet Probes


Add-On Products
Below you will find various products and accessories that have been integrated into our Separation Science product line to give you the most powerful tools available on the market.

Liquid & Gas Chromatography
Liquid and gas chromatography featuring the 7890 GC and the 1200 Series UHPLC system. Various inlets and injectors are also available.


Nitrogen Generators

Nitrogen generators that operate on house air or a built-in compressor.


Chromatography Products

Direct Inlet Probes

The direct inlet probe consists of a vacuum-locked interface to the ion source of the mass spectrometer and a probe on which the sample is loaded at the tip. Two styles of probes are available: the direct exposure probe and direct insertion probe.

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General TOFMS & Other Supported Applications

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